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  • What channel is the NBA game on DStv today?

  • ESPN 2 will show the NBA game today live on DStv, and if you have an active subscription to the DStv Compact package above, you can watch it on ESPN 2.

  • What sports are on ESPN 2 on DStv?

  • As you can see from the list, ESPN 2 is solely for American sports. Those are some of the main sports events that will be telecasted on the ESPN 2 channel on your DStv package. Finally, the NBA is now live on Dstv to subscribers who have an active subscription on their Dstv account.

  • Is the NBA on DStv in Africa?

  • The National Basketball League has been away on DStv for a while, but the good news is that it鈥檚 now back in a full package. This means Dtsv customers can now watch all NBA games live on Dstv, including all NBA games in the Eastern and Western Conference. As far as I know, there were not many NBA fans in Africa.

  • How can I watch ESPN on DStv?

  • For you to access the new ESPN channels on DStv, you ought to have subscribed to specific packages. For instance, ESPN2 is available for users who have subscribed to Compact Plus and Premium packages. READ ALSO: Ex-minister claims MultiChoice used deal with SABC to influence state Who can watch ESPN?