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Two of the four teams are No. 1 seeds (both of which were the top two teams ranked by the committee), and the final team — No. 2 seed Houston — was the projected Midwest Regional champion by default after No. 1 seed Illinois ducked out in the second round.Gonzaga, UCLA, Baylor and Houstonare in the Final Four.

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  • Which college basketball team has won the most Final Fours?

  • North Carolina has the most wins among the bunch with six, last having snagged the top prize in 2017. They’ve made it to the Final Four a total of 21 times, the most by any school in college basketball history.

  • Where is the Final Four of the 2022 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament?

  • The Final Four of the 2022 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament will be held in New Orleans. nd then there were four. A Villanova, Duke, Kansas and North Carolina are the four remaining teams in the 2022 NCAA Men鈥檚 Basketball Tournament.

  • Who’s in the Final Four of March Madness 2022?

  • March Madness is nearly over, but the stage is set for an exciting finale. Just four teams remain in the 2022 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, with Villanova, Duke, Kansas, and North Carolina clinching their spots in the Final Four afterbattling their way throughtough competition in the Sweet 16 and the Elite Eight last weekend.

  • How many times has Duke been to the final four?

  • Duke is close behind with five NCAA tournament wins, most recently in 2015. They’ve been in the Final Four 17 times, 13 of them under Head Coach Mike Coach K Krzyzewski, who has been at the school since 1980 and is retiring at the end of the year.