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  • Are there any NBA players that died prematurely?

  • All of the NBA players that passed away before the age of 70 are considered to have died prematurely. With the focus on the premature deaths of NBA players after their careers ended, we wanted to look at a list of NBA players that died 鈥渆arly鈥?or for the purpose of this post, before the age of 60.

  • Who is the NBA player that died in Minnesota?

  • Sealy died in St. Louis Park, a Minneapolis suburb letting his name be alongside dead NBA players who shared the same fate. Sealy, 30, is survived by his wife, Lisa, and his son, Malik Remington. Berry was a 6鈥?鈥?guard from San Jose State University.

  • How many NBA players have died in 2015?

  • The deaths of no fewer than 25 NBA players (and other famous basketball pros) in 2015 set off alarms and made it an infamous year with the most deaths of former players. .

  • Which NBA players have had heart problems?

  • Players like Jeff Green, Fred Hoiberg, Channing Frye, Chris Wilcox, Etan Thomas, and Ronny Turiaf have all been diagnosed with issues related to their heart and forced to take time off. Together they鈥檙e part of a rare (and 鈥渓ucky鈥? group of NBA players that were able to detect the abnormalities early on.