what are some good warm up exercises for basketball插图

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Walking High Knees. …Knee Hugs. …Jumping Jacks. …Backpedaling. …Ankle Pops. …Butt Kicks. …Quad Walk. …Over the Fence. …Frankenstein March. …

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  • What is a good warm-up for a basketball player?

  • Here are a few exercises that make up a good warm-up for a basketball player: Allow players to both physically and mentally prepare themselves. Example: Self-massage, ankle and foot exercises, skipping and shooting.

  • What is the best exercise to cool down after playing basketball?

  • Static exercises are more appropriate to the cool down as they help muscles relax, the realignment of the muscle fibres and the re-establishment of their normal range of movement. When you play basketball, you use both your upper body and lower body.

  • How do you warm-up for a football match?

  • The idea of a cardiovascular exercise to warm-up sustained for up to 10 minutes until a bit of sweat starts to appear is a good one. It brings the body鈥檚 core temperature to a level that also makes the muscles, ligaments and tendons less stiff and prepares the body for the match that will follow.

  • What is the best way to warm-up before a workout?

  • The first 5-10 minutes of any warm-up should consist of low intensity, full-body activity. Some examples include a light jog, an easy few laps of the pool in various strokes, or jumping jacks. The goal here is simply to get the blood flowing to your muscles and to shake out any stiffness in your joints for the work ahead.