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People also ask

  • How do you develop your basketball scout reports?

  • The analytics, video analysis, from examining what teams with similar styles of ours have done vs. the same opponent, and experience from past games vs. an opponent are combined to form a game plan. For all of our games we follow this process to develop our basketball scouting report.

  • How many lines should a player have in a scouting report?

  • Honestly, some players in the scouting report will only have one line. For your reference, a Rondo is non-shooter, a Wade is an average shooter, and a Korver is a max range shooter. This information below is what we generate for the coaching staff.

  • How do you post the scouting report video clips to players?

  • We post the scouting report video clips to our players in a private Facebook group. Instead of in one long clip, they are usually posted in small clips to focus their attention on each clip. We will post information on specific players to the group as well. The main way we get players to learn what we are doing is in practice.

  • Why don鈥檛 you do scouting report meetings?

  • I prefer covering things in practice, on the court, and creating an individual responsibility for our players to learn and be accountable to their teammates to know what they are doing in the scouting report. Another reason I don鈥檛 do scouting report meetings is because I value my players, and my, time.