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In order to win on DraftKings,you need to know what scores are needed when projecting players. Breaking down each position and category gives you the baselines needed to correctly project the players who will outperform their salary. Tournaments (Guaranteed Prize Pool) 鈥?300 (average score to take first place in a large field tournament)

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  • How to be successful at DraftKings NBA betting?

  • To be successful at DraftKings NBA this is maybe the most important strategy. You can find some real value players close to tip off that will allow you to spend money on elite players. Check this betting odds page on my site for Las Vegas betting lines.

  • What is the DraftKings strategy guide?

  • This DraftKings Strategy Guide below is intended for new daily fantasy sports players. It will walk you through the basic league types and strategies you can use to win on DraftKings.

  • When is the best time to roster a player on DraftKings?

  • Basketball players can be streaky 鈥?watch for hot streaks. Sometimes a player will have a few good games in a row and will be rewarded for more minutes. Might be a good time to roster a player after 2-3 good games in a row. BUT be careful with this, especially if the players price rises on DraftKings.

  • Does it matter how popular DraftKings is?

  • Having said that, it doesn鈥檛 matter how popular DraftKings is if you鈥檙e unable to win. Whether you鈥檙e playing fantasy football, baseball, soccer or golf, it鈥檚 the chance to win cash prizes that keeps you playing.