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Follow these steps to clean your basketball: Fill a bucket with warm water. Add some detergent and mix the water thoroughly. Take a soft cloth,dip it in water and scrub the surface of the basketball lightly to get rid of the dirt. Repeat the process but use more force when scrubbing the surface the second time.

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  • How to clean a basketball?

  • Moreover, knowing how to clean a basketball will increase its longevity. You will require the following materials for cleaning your basketball: A bucket full of warm water. Liquid soap (bathing/dish) A clean dry rag or cloth. A damp cloth. Wood polish. Natural leather cleaner.

  • How to clean synthetic leather basketballs?

  • Cleaning the synthetic leather basketballs is very easy. Take a bowl filled with the mixture of liquid soap and warm water. First, rinse the basketball with water to remove any hard dirt surrounding it. Use a clean cloth and apply the soap mixture to it. Gently rub the cloth all over the basketball鈥檚 surface until it becomes clean and non-sticky.

  • How to wash a basketball jersey or uniform?

  • Do not wash a basketball jersey or uniform with other clothes especially towels, underwear, and socks. Most of these items are made of cotton or a cotton blend. The lint will come off and cling to the jersey鈥檚 letters and numbers. After the uniform has pre-soaked, fill the washer with cool water and detergent and launder as usual.

  • How do I clean the inside of the ball?

  • Take your clean, dry rag and wipe down the entire surface of the ball. If any moisture remains, let the ball dry outside for an hour or 2. Once the ball is dry, you can store it as usual in a cool, dry location.