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  • What is it like to walk on a college basketball team?

  • Walking on a collegiate basketball team is tough because the coaching staff expect you as a non-scholarship player to be able to perform at the level of their scholarship players from a talent standpoint. Therefore, the first step is conditioning and being in shape to run with those who have earned a scholarship.

  • How hard is it to become a college basketball walk-on?

  • Becoming a college basketball walk-on is hard work! Many don鈥檛 want to hear this but it is the truth. As a walk-on, by definition, you don鈥檛 receive any athletic scholarships. All walk-on鈥檚 pay their own tuition which includes: room and board and, the majority of walk-on鈥檚 do the heavy lifting at practice.

  • Do most colleges leave the door open for walk-ons in basketball?

  • However, the majority of schools 鈥渓eave the door open鈥?for young, talented and ambitious basketball players to get an opportunity in this way and make the team. Do I need to sign anything as a walk-on?

  • Why do walk-ons quit in college football?

  • First are scholarship athletes, second are recruited walk-ons and third are unrecruited walk-ons. On every college team there are politics and certain athletes will get preference over others. Many walk-ons quit because they feel the coach and scholarship players don鈥檛 treat them like real team members.