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How Do I know If My Basketball is Properly Inflated?Hold the basketball at about the level of your face.Drop the basketball.Let the ball bounce.If the ball is properly inflated,it should bounce back up to around your waist level.

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  • How to inflate a basketball?

  • Steps to Inflate Your Basketball 1 Attach the inflation needle to the air pump. How to attach the needle will depend on the type of air pump you are using. … 2 Moisten the inflation needle. Get a wet paper towel and wipe the needle to moisten it. … 3 Insert the needle into the valve. … 4 Begin inflating. … 5 Check the air pressure. …

  • How can I tell if the ball is properly inflated?

  • You can gauge whether the ball is properly inflated by doing a drop test. To do the ball test, hold the ball with the bottom of it 6′ (72) from the ground. When dropped, the ball should bounce back up so that the top of it reaches a height of just over 4′ (49-54).

  • How do you check the inflation of a basketball?

  • Not to worry, there is a simple method that you can use to check the inflation of your ball. It won鈥檛 give you the PSI (or kPa), but it will be good enough to get you back out on the court. Hold the basketball at about the level of your face. Drop the basketball. Let the ball bounce.

  • How do you tell if a basketball has too much air?

  • Also, make sure the flooring is similar to the one you will be playing on. Drop the ball from the 72 inch mark and the top of the basketball should be between the 49 and 54 inch mark you made. If it bounces higher than 54, it has too much air. If it bounces lower than 49 inches, there is not enough air.