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  • How do you teach basketball skills to young players?

  • This can be in the form of drills that incorporate the skill and even real games. This will be a gradual process as the player begins to feel more and more confident at the skill they鈥檙e trying to learn. If you鈥檙e coaching youth basketball, encourage your players to use the skills you鈥檝e been learning.

  • What should a 12 year old be doing in basketball?

  • Level 3 (12 to 14 Year Olds) 1 Lay ups – practice contested lay ups. … 2 Continue to teach basic cuts and add more cuts . 3 Continue to emphasize shooting form (move to big baskets and bigger balls). … 4 Ball Handling Dribbling – teach more dribble moves such as the spin move, behind-the-back. … More items…

  • What are the 3 basic defense skills in basketball?

  • Three on defense and three on offense: Set 1 鈥?defending the pass, jump to the ball, and be in help or passing lane Set 2 鈥?defending the drive, help and recover to your man, stay low and sprint Set 3 鈥?defending the ball screen; let teammate know what side screen has been set, hedge out, open up, and sprint back to your man

  • How to be an effective youth basketball coach?

  • The key to being an effective youth basketball coach is recognizing the limitations of your students. The majority of young players will only be able to memorize and execute a limited number of plays. Additionally, fundamentals are more important to youth development than the execution of certain plays.