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An easy way for beginners to learn spacing is by learningMan-to-Man Defense. If your entire defense gets caught on the same side of the court, it provides an opening for the offense to potentially score. An easy way to avoid this is by running a man-to-man defense with your team.

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  • How far apart should you space out in basketball?

  • All good offenses have good spacing and movement. Except when screening or cutting around a teammate, perimeter players should space out about 12 to 15 feet apart. Poor spacing results in bad passes, getting double-teamed, turnovers, and poor opportunities for scoring.

  • How does spacing affect defense in basketball?

  • Consequently, spacing makes it harder to defend perimeter shooters, as the helpside defender in the paint has more distance to get back out to the shooter, if the pass goes there. 3. Spacing also makes it harder to defend post players.

  • How do you develop great spacing in football?

  • But the bottom line is that we develop great spacing by emphasizing it in everything we do, including games and scrimmages. We even work on spacing during competitive defensive drills (any time you run offense you can work on spacing). If you want to learn more about motion offense, I highly recommend the Don Kelbick Motion Offense DVDs.

  • What are some good spacing drills for high school basketball?

  • Spacing Drills. 1 Pass and cut. 2 Pass and screen away. 3 2-4 passes (with cuts) and then screen away. 4 2-4 passes (with cuts) and dribble at. 5 2-4 passes (with cuts) and then post up with laker cut. 6 2-4 passes, dribble penetrate, relocate, and kick. 7 2-4 passes and ball screen. 8 Player鈥檚 choice 鈥?make any cut or screen you want.