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  • What should a youth basketball coach be teaching his players?

  • Youth coaches should be teaching man-to-man defense. With this defense, each player is assigned to guard a particular player. Each player must try hard to stop his opponent and guard his yard, keeping him/her from dribble-penetrating. Although it sounds individual, man-to-man is really a team defense. Every one must do his/her part.

  • What is a man to man defense basketball drill?

  • Browse through the categories to find a vast array of man to man defense basketball drills. Purpose: To help teach the off-ball defender the responsibilities when applying pressure defense. Drill: A coach or manager or another player will start at the top with a basketball. The offensive player and his defender are on the wing as shown.

  • What are the basics of Defense in basketball?

  • Basketball Fundamentals – Basic Defensive Tips. There are two basic types of defense: man-to-man defense, and zone defense. I believe all good players must learn how to play good man-to-man defense. Yet there are many times that a good zone defense can really shut down a team.

  • Why don鈥檛 youth basketball players help on defense?

  • It happens all the time in youth basketball. With constant movement of the offensive team, a player can go from denial to help to denial to help in the space of 10 seconds. This is too much for players still learning how to play the game. No wonder they always get lost on defense!