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Fingertip Pushups. Fingertip pushups are one of the most effective wrist strengthening exercises you can do as a basketball player.Heavy Workout Basketballs. Since a workout basketball weighs twice as much as a regular basketball,using one for standard passing,shooting and rebounding drills will greatly improve your wrist strength.The Waving Goodbye Drill. A simple,yet effective exercise,the waving goodbye drill will increase wrist strength,flexibility and dexterity while molding muscle memory.Ball Handling Dexterity Drills. Ball handling drills with a regulation basketball can work wonders. …

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  • How do I strengthen my wrist?

  • To start these wrist strengthening exercises, sit in a chair with your forearm resting on a table. Hang your wrist and hand over the edge of the table. Hold a 2- or 3-pound dumbbell in your hand. Then, with your palm facing down, slowly lift your hand, so the back of your hand moves towards the ceiling.

  • What are the best wrist and forearm exercises for basketball?

  • Wrist Forearm Exercises for Basketball 1 The Goodbye Wave. This is a unique exercise for the wrist and forearm because it utilizes a motion… 2 Weighted Jump Rope. Several manufacturers make weighted jump ropes of varying weights and lengths. 3 Ball Dexterity Drills. A great way to strengthen your wrists and forearms is by performing ball…

  • How can i Improve my Grip strength for playing basketball?

  • Stay low to the ground, keeping your dribble at ankle height. Perform squeezing exercises with your fingers to improve grip strength. Begin by holding a basketball above your shoulder with your right hand. Draw your fingers together slowly, squeezing the ball until it pops out of your hand.

  • How to strengthen wrist pronation?

  • Wrist Pronation with a Dumbbell. To strengthen your wrist pronators, sit in a chair with your forearm supported on a table and your wrist and hand over the edge. Hold one end of a dumbbell with the weight pointing up towards the ceiling. Slowly rotate your hand so your wrist and palm are facing down towards the floor.