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Butterfly PoseAnother exercise that will show you how to strengthen knees for basketball is the butterfly pose. This exercise is done by laying flat on your back with your hands supporting your chin and your upper body.

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  • How can I prevent knee injuries in basketball?

  • Be sure to challenge the stabilizing muscles of the knee used in flexion, extension and rotation of the knee joint. Uni-lateral exercises are a great way to build muscle stabilization around the knee joint required to help prevent injuries in basketball.

  • Why do my knees hurt when I play basketball?

  • Basketball is a fast-moving sport that demands endurance from the players and strength and flexibility in the knees鈥攕udden stops, pivots and jumps put pressure and strain on this area of the leg, often leading to injuries. You can work to prevent knee injuries and pain by taking care of your body.

  • What are the benefits of stability training for basketball players?

  • Research has shown that stability exercises can lead to improved nuero-musclar function and balance while preventing knee injuries in athletes. Stabilization training for basketball should target the muscles that act on the knee joint plus also challenge core, hip and ankle stability.

  • Can Vert shock help strengthen your knees for basketball?

  • In fact, a 2005 study by the Journal Of Knee Surgery discovered that plyometric power can improve knee strength and decrease the risk of a knee injury while while playing sports like basketball. Vert Shock is designed to help you jump higher but can help strengthen the knees for basketball when followed correctly.