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  • How do I organize a basketball tournament?

  • If it is a local basketball tournament, for instance, get gym facilities from local school boards, colleges or community centers. Order the items you need. Allow for plenty of time for medals to be engraved, for posters to be printed and for souvenir items to be produced with your organization logo and the dates of your event.

  • What makes a basketball tournament successful?

  • The success of any tournament depends on the quality of planning that occurs before the event. The following information is provided to the host tournament committee to aid them with the different steps required to successfully organize a basketball tournament at any level.

  • What do you need to start a youth basketball team?

  • (Maintaining a team or building a youth basketball program is a whole different ballgame, though, but that鈥檚 a story for another day.) You just need to have a coach, enough players, some cheap uniforms and have the money to register the team and pay for tournament registrations.

  • How to start an AAU basketball team?

  • Starting an AAU basketball team is an easy process. All that is needed is a coach, players, uniforms, money for registration, money for insurance, and tournament fees. However, the biggest thing for everybody involved is the level of commitment they will put to the team.