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  • Are Molten basketballs any good?

  • As one of the top basketball brands worldwide, Molten continues to create superior quality basketballs with the latest innovative technology. The new surface texture offers the ideal grip that improves ball control when in contact with sweat or moisture.

  • Do I need to 鈥榖reak in鈥?my molten BGL or Spalding basketballs?

  • So when you purchase your Molten BGL or Spalding NBA Official basketballs, you should be aware that you need to 鈥榖reak in鈥?the ball, before using in matches, to get the best out of it.

  • Why choose molten BGR premium rubber basketball?

  • 12-panel design Premium rubber cover Indoor / Outdoor use 1 year warranty The Molten BGR Premium Rubber Basketball is an ideal choice basketball for youth camps and recreational play. The distinct design enhances visibility, helping you focus on the…

  • Is the molten FX series indoor basketball NFHS approved?

  • NFHS Approved Composite cover Butyl bladder Indoor use 2 year warranty Bring your game to the next level with the Molten FX Series premium indoor basketball. This NFHS Approved basketball was designed for maximum durability and will withstand the…