how to soften a composite leather basketball插图

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Begin using your ball. Dribble it on a gym floor or other smooth, even surface and practice shooting baskets. Using your ball helps to loosen up the leather, giving the ball more bounce and making the leather less rigid.

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  • How do you clean a leather basketball?

  • Wash the leather basketball using a rag dipped in the soapy water mixture. Pay special attention to the seams of the ball, where it is most prone to collecting dirt and dust. Rinse the basketball with fresh water, and dry it with a rag. Store the ball in a cool, dry place when it鈥檚 not in use.

  • What is the difference between leather and synthetic basketballs?

  • Leather balls develop a broken-in feel after repeated use. This type of leather basketball should only be used on indoor courts. It is also the most expensive type of ball to purchase because it is made of genuine leather. Synthetic or composite leather is an artificial type of material that feels like leather but is cheaper to produce.

  • Why did the NBA switch from leather to composite balls?

  • Additionally, the new composite material eliminates the need for a break-in period, which is necessary for the current leather ball, and achieves consistency from ball to ball. The players disagreed with the first point made here, causing the league to revert back to leather balls.

  • How do you restore the grip on a leather basketball?

  • Dry off the leather basketball thoroughly with a clean rag. Run the rag over the basketball until all the leather cleaner has been removed from the surface. Grip the basketball with either hand and check to see that the original grip has been restored. You can spray wood polish on your leather basketball once a month.