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  • How to be a good basketball scout?

  • Better to practice self awareness in scouting the right way. Learn how to take control of your thoughts and emotions to do a good job as a basketball scout and learn from your mistakes. Scouting isn鈥檛 something you do once and become good at. Like any skill, it takes consistency and practice.

  • What is scouting basketball?

  • Scouting basketball is an art form, meshing statistical and video analysis with a deep understanding of the game to evaluate an athlete鈥檚 true professional impact. At SMWW, we鈥檒l teach you the skills NBA teams want in a new hire!

  • How do I become a basketball GM and scouting?

  • To earn a spot in the front office of a professional basketball team requires elite scouting and management skills. Our 8-week online Basketball GM and Scouting course, taught by the Oklahoma City Thunder鈥檚 Mark Warkentein, will teach you the skills teams need.

  • Why Netscouts Basketball Recruiting services?

  • With scouts all over the world, NetScouts Basketball recruiting services are utilized by NCAA when recruiting college basketball players around the globe. In addition, NetScouts are consultants for professional teams internationally and domestically.