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  • How do I host a basketball fundraising tournament?

  • Hosting a basketball fundraising tournament with a league is a more simple option, because teams will be outfitted already, and members have already been established. League basketball tournaments can be much more informal, and teams simply have to raise a certain amount of money to participate.

  • What is a league basketball fundraiser?

  • A league basketball fundraiser is an easy way to raise money. Participants raise an entry fee in order to play, and teams are already established within the league so there is a lot less orchestrating to do for this kind of fundraiser.

  • How do you make money from a basketball tournament?

  • Finally, don’t forget that unless you’re holding a charity event, a tournament is a way for your group to make money. While you’ll be planning for concessions and tournament merchandise, also consider renting tables to outside vendors who sell shoes, clothing and other basketball gear.

  • What do you need to know about organizing a basketball tournament?

  • Basketball tournaments can be for youths or adults with variations of play. Organizers must create competition brackets, determine elimination rules and decide on the rules of the game. Think about whether you want to host teams of 3-on-3 or 5-on-5 and play full-court or half-court games.