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  • How does the clock work in a basketball game?

  • In an NBA basketball game, the game clock will start with 12 minutes on the clock and tick until it reaches zero. Once the clock reaches zero, the quarter ends. Again, there are plays throughout a game that can also stop the game such as fouls and timeouts.

  • When do you turn the clock off in basketball?

  • Turn the clock off when a team gains control of a live ball on the playing court, and there are fewer than twenty-four (24) seconds remaining on the game clock in any period. Also note that the twenty-four second device signal does not stop the game clock or the game, nor cause the ball to become dead, unless a team is in a control of the ball.

  • How long is the shot clock in basketball?

  • In the NBA the shot clock is set to 24 seconds while in the NCAA it is 30 seconds. The shot clock in basketball keeps track of how long the team on offense can possess the ball before they have to shoot it.

  • How many minutes are there in a basketball game?

  • In college basketball, there are two halves, each lasting 20 minutes. Obviously, this differs from the game clock of the NBA, however, the rules surrounding the game clock and stoppages remain the same. Just as in the NBA, the game clock starts and ticks until it reaches zero, once the clock reaches zero, the half ends.