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  • Can I rent a basketball court for my school?

  • Consider renting a basketball court at local elementary schools for a nominal fee and better availability. See if you can rent only one half of a basketball court for a lesser rental fee. Many full-sized courts will offer this option.

  • How much does an open gym rental cost?

  • Open gym rental fees are usually around $5 per hour or for the entire evening of open gym. Expect a lot of participants, but you should have the hoop and net availability and with enough people, you can even get a good pick-up game on as well. Check the court description to see that it meets your team practice or game needs.

  • Should you rent or buy a gym space?

  • You can rent private gym space for a women鈥檚 boxing night or a rock climbing gym for your youth group. But gym spaces aren鈥檛 just for fitness classes. Another reason to rent a gym is for a photoshoot or video production.

  • What makes a high school basketball gym unique?

  • There’s something magical about high school basketball basketball gyms. The bright lights and school tones, the orange accents of the rim and ball and the rich browns of the hardwood give them a unique color contrast all their own. How the stands are constructed 鈥?multi-decked, round or square, end zones or concrete walls 鈥?makes gyms unique.