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Scrub hard at scuffsuntil they come off. Scuffs occur when the ball hits the backboard on bank shots. If scuffs will not come out using glass cleaner, try a mixture of pumice and water. Dry the backboard by dabbing paper towels on the backboard to remove glass cleaner without causing streaks.

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  • How to replace a basketball backboard?

  • How to Replace Basketball Backboard: A Step-by-Step Guide Step 1: Lay the basketball goal on its side.. If the hoop is not already on its鈥?side from being knocked down, get your… Step 2: Measure your backboard.. Measure what is left of your existing backboard or the frame where the backboard is… …

  • How do you replace a backboard rim?

  • Most backboards are also glued to the frame, so you may need to use a putty knife to pry off, scrape and remove all of the old backboard material. Useful Tip: Keep the old backboard or pieces of it to use as a template to mark the holes for the rim on the new backboard. Step 7: Drill holes to mount the rim.

  • What is the best way to clean the backboard?

  • If there is hazing or yellowing on the acrylic backboard, you can apply a special acrylic polish that will buff any inconsistencies out Tempered glass backboards are much easier to clean.

  • What is the best backboard for a basketball hoop?

  • Fiberglass backboards are often found in the cheapest hoops and are mostly made for kids. It is used for portable basketball hoops and kid鈥檚 hoops. Lastly, wooden backboards haven鈥檛 been used for quite a lot of time now but are often the material of choice in DIY projects.