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  • How do you read a box score in basketball?

  • Reading a box score is an easy way to see which team and players had the most success in any basketball game. Every NBA box score contains the same information, so once you know what to look for, it is easy to find it. At the top of the page will be the score of the game as well as a breakdown of the score for each quarter of play.

  • What statistics really matter in basketball?

  • The basic premise of this approach is that the only statistics that matter are the final score, and the numbers that impact that final score. To that end, the two most important statistics for each team are the number of shots attempted, and the points scored per shot. Basketball is a really simple game.

  • Why is it important to read baseball statistics?

  • By learning how to read baseball statistics, fans can grade players for fantasy leagues or simply expand their understanding and appreciation of the game.

  • How do the statistics work in sports betting?

  • The statisticians enter all of that information into a computer as the game is going on in order to produce the box score and play-by-play for each game. The stats are updated inside the arena and are available online for fans to follow the game in real time.