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TheABC Fundraising High Profit Snack Fundraiseris a fun and easy way for AAU teams to raise money. With up to 70% Profit No Money Up Front, this AAU fundraiser is great for AAU teams with as little as 10 players participating. With a low minimum order size of only 25 items practically any group can run the HIGH PROFIT SNACK FUNDRAISER.

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  • How to raise money for a basketball team or program?

  • 16 Basketball Fundraising Ideas for Your Team or Program. 1 1. Sell Merchandise. A common way to raise funds is to sell your own products or merchandise. Print the team logo on products and sell them during … 2 2. Charity Auction. 3 3. Host a Basketball Camp. 4 4. Organize a Basketball Tournament. 5 5. Search for Sponsors. More items

  • Should I join AAU basketball?

  • Despite all the negatives that come with AAU basketball, there are definitely players who can benefit from participating. BUT… You must find the right team. If you can find the right program, AAU basketball can be a great development opportunity and a rewarding experience.

  • Why is AAU basketball so popular?

  • AAU basketball gained popularity in the 1980s when Sonny Vaccaro and Phil Knight came together with the goal of spreading the youth basketball movement. By signing AAU coaches and college coaches to shoe contracts, they ensured specific AAU programs and major basketball programs would be wearing their shoes.

  • How can I raise funds for my sports team?

  • Many small and local sports teams need funding to stay up and running and accept new teammates. If you鈥檙e looking to raise money for your sports team鈥檚 general operating costs, you can use a crowdfunding campaign! BONUS: Get 99 fundraising ideas for sports and teams in a free PDF! Download our resource to raise funds for sports and teams!