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  • Do I need to fill my lifetime basketball hoop?

  • . . . . . . We know you’re excited to start playing on your new Lifetime Basketball Hoop. But before you start shooting like an all-star, make sure you fill your portable base to ensure it is safe so your system will not tip over and get damaged, or possibly cause injuries.

  • How to use a portable basketball hoop?

  • The portable basketball hoop has been a huge boon for the industry as well as for family members who can disassemble the basketball goal and take it with them if and when they move and then put it up again when they get to their new location. Put the base of the basketball goal on the side of the driveway (or wherever else you decide to put it up).

  • How are basketball hoops attached to the base?

  • The main arm of the hoop is connected to the base by two supporting braces that are connected with nuts and bolts. Connect the backboard once the main arm of the basketball goal is secured in place. The backboard is secured to that arm with six nuts and bolts.

  • How high off the ground should a basketball hoop be?

  • The rim should be 10 feet off the ground and it will likely have an adjusting lever to lower the rim to 7-, 8- or 9-feet so smaller children can play. The portable basketball goal can be disassembled for moving purposes or if the owner wants to take it down during the winter.