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When this glass gets smashed by a high-speed ball, it will safely break down into tiny oval-like glass pebbles. Another method to protect your windows is to use somemetal bars or metal covering. Metal bar caging can be permanently installed outside your windows where flying balls will be a daily danger.

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  • How can I protect my windows from golf ball damage?

  • Saving your windows from golf ball damage and protecting the exterior of your home doesn鈥檛 have to be difficult or costly. Don鈥檛 give up the game you love or the neighbors who share your passion for golf. Call CC Sunscreens for a free, written estimate and take care of the back section of your golf course home!

  • How do I stop the ball from hitting the window screen?

  • If your really close to the T-box, you can have your contractor build you an additional frame around the window to increase the distance the screen is mounted from the glass, thereby increasing amount of force your screen can stop before the ball impacts the glass.

  • How do you keep birds out of your window screens?

  • Three-dimensional solutions in front of the glass are highly effective and can also be unobtrusive. Regular insect screens, for example, eliminate reflections and provide a cushion if a bird does hit a window.

  • Why choose our windproof window screens?

  • This option allows us to erect a strong, windproof frame and secure our state-of-the-art protection screening to keep that entire section of your home safe from the effects of golf balls. No more keeping your children indoors during peak golf times.