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Curl Cut. The Curl Cut is running a circular cut around a teammate’s screen. It is an effective move without the basketball for shooters to get open for a pass and shot. Shooting guards can go inside and curl-cut around a post player to get open. The cutter must learn how to use the screen and read the defender.

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  • How can I practice basketball without a gym?

  • You don’t need a gym or a wide open space to practice basketball drills. You can even do drills from inside your house. Tip the ball back and forth from hand to hand using just your fingertips. Start over your head and gradually work down to your ankles and then back up and down. Repeat for about one minute.

  • How to dribble a basketball with one hand?

  • Using only your left hand, dribble the ball from side to side in the shape of a 鈥淰鈥?in front of your body. Then dribble the ball backwards and forwards beside your body in the shape of a 鈥淰鈥?do this motion 50 times. 9. One Hand Between The Legs Right Hand

  • How to play basketball on the move with one ball?

  • Basketball On The Move Handling Drills With One Ball. 1 3 Bounce Crossover Drill. Objective: Explode with a crossover and try different finishes at the basket. 2 Bust Out and Retreat Drill. 3 Behind The Back Rhythm Dribbling Drill. 4 Push Crossover Dribble Drill. 5 Walking Double Crossover Drill. More items

  • Can you play basketball without a basketball hoop?

  • You can work on your basketball development at home even if you don’t have a hoop in your driveway. There are numerous ballhandling drills you can do on the sidewalk, driveway or basement floors. You can also work on your passing form and shot release without going to the gym or playground.