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  • Can a college basketball player play overseas?

  • For most college basketball players that want to continue their basketball career, playing internationally in Europe, Asia, Australia and Latin America is a viable next step. So, the most common question you hear from college basketball players is, how do I play basketball overseas?

  • What happens when an NBA player signs an overseas contract?

  • So, signing with an overseas team is a season-long decision for players, forgoing an NBA shot that season (presumably, since the contract last well int the corresponding NBA season) when they sign that deal. Play well that season, and that player may get an NBA opportunity the following season.

  • Is the WNBA considered an Overseas League?

  • For WNBA players from European or Asian countries or Australia, the WNBA is considered the overseas league. But most top players from around the world want to play in the WNBA because it is considered the highest level of competition. Many players compete nearly year-round in their younger years but ease up as they age.

  • How many hours a day do basketball players overseas work?

  • As basketball players overseas, you鈥檙e looking at a maximum 5 hours per day of actual 鈥渨ork,鈥?and the rest is up to you. You must find something to do.