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Here are the simple steps to start playingbasketballwith your friends in Facebook messenger. First, open up a chat with your friend inside the MessengerApp. Next, Click on the emoji icon. Browse to the third emoji tab marked by an Alarm Symbol. Find and Click on the basketballemoji. Now, Send that basketballemoji to your friend.

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  • How to play basketball on Facebook Messenger?

  • Short Bytes: Celebrating March Madness, Facebook has rolled out an update that lets you play basketball in Messenger app. Just update your instant messaging app and send a basketball emoji to your friend to start the game. Read more to know more about the game. F acebook is here to make your boring office and school hours a little bit exciting.

  • How to play games on messenger?

  • Earlier it was easy to play games on messenger since you were able to quickly access the games on messenger by tapping on the 4 dots beside camera icon. Now there is only one option that is 鈥?Location 鈥?/div>17 Best Facebook Messenger Games To Play In 2021

  • How do you send a basketball emoji on messenger?

  • First, make sure your app is up-to-date (duh), then send a basketball emoji via Messenger to one of your friends. Tap the basketball emoji, and you’ll launch the game. Yes, it’s pretty, darn easy. CLICK: Don’t Like the New Facebook Reaction Emojis? Here’s How to Make Your Own Now you can shoot some hoops without breaking a sweat.

  • What is the best instant game to play on Facebook Messenger?

  • 17 Best Facebook Messenger / Instant Games To Play In 2021. 1 1. Tetris. The game offers multicolor bricks, rotating, and the quick pace when you clear the levels featuring theme music named as Jaunty Russian. 2 2. Galaga. 3 3. Everwing. 4 4. Space Invader. 5 5. Words With Friends. More items