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  • How to play basketball in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas?

  • Although the player can’t play with others and can only play with him/herself in GTA San Andreas, they can activate a mini-challenge to attain the most number of scores within an allocated time. The ability to play basketball is unlocked after completing the mission Tagging Up Turf , when basketballs may appear in basketball courts.

  • Where to practice basketball in Grand Theft Auto 5?

  • Not far from Grove Street, CJ often will practice his outside shot at a court that borders on Balla territory, so it’s safer to end practice by the time night falls. If you find a basketball on a court in Los Santos, take the opportunity to take a few practice shots.

  • How do you get ripped in GTA San Andreas?

  • Every gym in San Andreas has a trainer on staff that CJ can spar with to learn a particular fighting style or new moves. Hook up with a personal trainer at the LS gym and you’ll be ripped in no time.

  • Where can I play basketball in New York City?

  • There is two on the north side of Morris Street underneath the closed subway station in Steinway, Dukes There’s two courts at the corner of Exeter Ave and Wardite Street, Northwood, Algonquin (also known as the Rubin Swinger Basketball Courts)