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  • How do you paint a basketball court?

  • Painting a basketball court is relatively easy: Most of it is straight lines and just a couple of arcs. Climb to the rim and, using a tape measure, find the center of the rim. Lower the plumb bob and put a mark on the ground where the plumb bob points.

  • Why do they paint lines on an outdoor basketball court?

  • One of the first things to know is why painting lines on an outdoor basketball court is so important. Paint is used to mark the edges and lines within the court to tell players where to stand and shoot from. These lines need to be clear so players can follow the rules of basketball properly.

  • How do you stencil a basketball on a driveway?

  • You can also buy a basketball stenciling kit – simply lay the stencils out on your driveway, tape them down, and then roll or brush the paint over them. A free paint roller is often included.

  • What do you use to mark lines on an outdoor basketball court?

  • Beyond marking lines on your outdoor basketball court, paint should be used to cover the whole surface of the court. In professional basketball, the NBA uses hardwood basketball courts with different types of finish to protect them.