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How do you paint the inside of a basketball backboard? Use four rows of tape outside and inside the box鈥檚 line to keep from getting paint on the rest of the backboard. Spray the square withred spray paint, holding the can at least 1 foot from the surface. Cover the area with paint and let it dry.

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  • How do you paint over old paint on a basketball goal?

  • Turn a faded, dilapidated basketball goal into a piece worth playing on. Shows you how to paint on a stenciled logo. Step 2: Disassemble Goal. Remove backboard from post. Unbolt the rim from the backboard. Step 3: Remove Old Paint. Start scraping and sanding the old paint off.

  • How do you paint a basketball backboard rim?

  • Tape off the edges and square, and add the second part of the stencil. Spray on the next color of paint. Hang the rim on a coat hanger and spray paint it to match the backboard. Add a couple of coats of lacquer or polyurethane to protect your artwork.

  • How do you restore a basketball backboard?

  • If you want to spare yourself a whole replacement, there is a way to restore your backboard. To begin, remove the backboard from the hoop and get it to a flat table where you will be able to easily work on it with a sander. Use 200-grit sandpaper until you completely smoothen the surface and remove the old paint.

  • What is the best material for a basketball backboard?

  • Acrylic is one of the most widely used materials when it comes to basketball backboards. It has a medium rebound and a decent long-term performance. Plexiglass is another name under which acrylic is branded across the USA.