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The key to Not Get Nervous Before A Basketball Game is tobe confident and not obsessively focus on what might happen. If you notice that you鈥檙e getting nervous, take deep breaths to calm down and focus on something else. This will help you stay calm and collected and not let the little things affect you as much because

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  • How do I stop being so nervous before a game?

  • When you build up a particular game or tournament it tends to make you more nervous. You do not need to raise your intensity at 7am or a 7pm game. Have a plan to relax leading up to the game; read a book, pray, deep breathing, watch a funny movie, listen to music, focus on the task at hand.

  • Why do athletes get nervous before a game?

  • That queasy feeling deep down in your stomach, if you let it, can completely knock you off your game. Young athletes are constantly under pressure, whether it鈥檚 to win a big game, make their parents proud or impress a coach. That pressure, and the anxiety it can bring, can make a kid too nervous to perform at their best.

  • How to calm your kid鈥檚 nerves before a big game?

  • Several strategies can help calm your young athlete鈥檚 nerves before a big game. Try one or try them all to see which one鈥檚 right for your kid. A big factor that contributes to pre-game nerves is uncertainty. So, one of the best things a kid can do before an important game is limit the number of choices they have to make.

  • Is too much nervousness before a game harmful?

  • The bad news is that too much nervousness before a game will cause an athlete to choke. The good news is that proper mental training will help you develop a better competitive mindset. In fact, think about this Training Paradox: Many experts agree that most sports are 70% or more mental.