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  • How do I Make my Sleeve fit better?

  • This will help to ensure an even fit between your sleeve and shoulder point. Fold your sleeve in half lengthwise and use a piece of chalk to mark the center point (the folded area) of the sleeve at the shoulder. Match up the edges of the armhole opening and sleeve.

  • How to sew sleeves on a sleeve?

  • Pin the sleeve to the armhole opening and sew the pieces together with a straight stitch, removing the pins as you go. Repeat for the other sleeve, then turn the garment inside-out and sew the inside of the sleeve and the sides of the garment.

  • How do you attach a sleeve to a shirt?

  • Pin the sleeve to the armhole opening. Pin along the edges of the sleeve鈥檚 shoulder area and armhole opening to secure them together. Make sure that the correct side of the sleeve鈥檚 fabric is facing the correct side of the body piece鈥檚 fabric.

  • How do you keep the sleeves of a dress together?

  • Pin the edges of the sides of the body piece and the bottom of the sleeves. Place pins along the sides of the body piece and along the bottom of both of the sleeves to secure them together. Having these pins in place will make it easier to keep the fabric lined up as you sew.