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To make your own cardboard basketball hoop,start by cutting a 7 inch by 23 inch strip of corrugated cardboard. Score the strip into 3 7-inch segments so you can fold it into a rectangular hoop. Leave a 1-inch section on each end to use as tabs for attaching the hoop to your backboard.

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  • How do you make a basketball hoop out of cardboard?

  • Make an Inside Basketball Hoop for Your Room Obtain the necessary materials. Bend the wire hanger into a circle. Bend the hook of the hanger so that it is at a 90 degree angle with the hoop. Cut the cardboard to the size and shape of your liking. Decorate the hoop and backboard to your liking. Tape the hoop to the backboard.

  • How far should a basketball hoop be from the backboard?

  • Make sure the box is a perfectly even distance from each side of the backboard, and 2 in (5.1 cm) from the bottom of the backboard to leave room to attach the hoop.

  • Where can I buy a basketball hoop?

  • Most sports department stores will sell basketball hoops that come with the necessary screws and fittings. Make sure the hoop is 18 in (46 cm) in diameter. If you can’t find a premade hoop, then see if you can find a metal worker who can make you one.

  • How do you attach a basketball hoop to a target box?

  • Line up the hoop with the bottom of the target box on the backboard. Hold the backboard in place and mark where the screws will go. Drill small pilot holes then attach the hoop with the screws it came with. You can attach this basketball hoop anywhere outside, like to the side of your house or a garage.