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  • How can I make my school basketball team?

  • Making your school basketball team is a difficult task but here are a few tips that could improve your chances. 1. Practice before try outs to ensure that you are ready and that you are healthy that you are on top form by that time. Practice at least three times a week at your house or local gym.

  • Is it hard to make the varsity baseball team?

  • It is made even more difficult if the high school you’re attending has a solid baseball program. Coaches tend to make up their minds about players pretty quickly, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make the varsity team with some hard work!

  • How do I improve my shooting skills in basketball?

  • Your shooting hand should be on the ball, and your non-dominant hand lightly holding the ball. A good drill to do is to lie down on your back and toss the ball up in the air, catch it, and repeat. Thanks! What do I do if I don’t make the team? If you don’t make the team, then try out for a different league so that you still get to play basketball.

  • What should I wear to basketball tryouts?

  • Always make sure that you are dressed properly for the tryouts and wear the uniform that your basketball coach or your school has assigned you. Doing otherwise may make you look like you have no school spirit and may hinder your chances. Thanks! When tryouts start, try not to be shy.