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  • What should I do if I don’t make the team?

  • If you don’t make the team, then try out for a different league so that you still get to play basketball. This will help you become better for next year. You can also ask the couch what you could have done better, and what you should work on. Thanks! What exercises could I do to help me?

  • How to make the volleyball team with no experience?

  • 11 Steps to Make the Volleyball Team With No Experience. 1 1. Get in Shape. Your overall athletic conditioning can go a long way. Hopefully, you鈥檙e deciding well ahead of time to try out. You should begin … 2 2. Learn the Language Ahead of Time. 3 3. Practice the Basics. 4 4. Learn to Serve. 5 5. Spend Some Time on the Courts. More items

  • Can I make the basketball team at my school?

  • Many schools offer a basketball team for those students who like the sport. While making the team may seem like a daunting task at first, there are some things you can do to prepare before trying out, to help you have a better chance of making the basketball team at your school.

  • How to play basketball step by step?

  • 1 Get a ball and a hoop. All you need to play basketball is a ball of the appropriate size and a net that it fits through, set at a … 2 Break into two teams. For a full-court game, basketball is played by two teams of five players each. 3 Score points by shooting the ball through the hoop. … 4 Move the ball by dribbling or passing. …