how to make basketball net with paper插图

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  • How to attach a basketball net to a door?

  • Now the basketball net is done it’s time to make the attachment. the idea is to make a kind of hook so that the basketball net can be hang too a door. The first thing you do is to drill a hole for a M4 bolt in de backboard, make sure the hole is a bit on the top of the backboard (photo 1).

  • How do you make a rope basketball net?

  • Using the overhand knot method, tie two lengths of rope at the 8 inches mark. Repeat this method at the 8 inches mark until the ropes are closed into a loop. Repeat the process for all of the other marks on the rope. This makes the net go from wide to narrow as a basketball net should. Burn the tips of the rope.

  • How do you make a paper basketball hoop?

  • All you need is a 2 pieces of regular printer paper to make the hoop and the paper basketballs. Fold the Top right corner down to form a triangle, with a small rectangle below it.

  • How to make a basketball out of tissue paper?

  • Another cool idea is to make a basketball collage from back and orange tissue paper or streamer. Just glue the tissue paper on to a white piece of paper creating a basketball design. Take your time so you can cover all the black lines on the ball. This miniature basketball game is a lot of fun to play with a good friend.