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  • How to become a viscous ankle breaker in basketball?

  • If you can connect those few important things and perform crossovers basketball moves with your body and the ball at the reasonable speed, you will become a viscous ankle breaker. Make sure to practice your your change of direction without the ball.

  • What is an ankle-breaker in soccer?

  • This double crossover will often go so far as to trip up the defender, leading to this move’s reputation as the ankle-breaker. Get creative. Try different combinations of between the legs and directional shifts to improve your offensive game.

  • How common are ankle injuries in basketball?

  • Ankle injuries are common in most sports, but there is a predominance in basketball. The player often jumps with both feet off the ground, and at times, lands off balance with a twisting action. Although the ankle is flexible enough to permit a wide range of motion and strong enough to bear the weight of the entire body, it can still be injured.

  • How do you treat a sprained ankle in basketball?

  • Ankle Injuries in Basketball Players. A mild sprain occurs when there is minimal force with only slight stretching or tearing of the ligaments. Pain and swelling are minimal, walking is generally possible. Treatment should include icing the ankle as soon as possible for 15 to 25 minutes and applying a compression wrap.