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  • How do you make basketballs out of paper?

  • Paper basketballs begin with a simple circle. Use them to decorate cards, scrapbooks, bulletin boards, posters and more. Even kids can get involved, as the project is easy to understand and safe as well. Adjust your drawing compass so that the span between the tip and the pencil is half as wide as you want your basketball to be.

  • How to make a basketball hoop out of cardboard?

  • To make your own cardboard basketball hoop, start by cutting a 7 inch by 23 inch strip of corrugated cardboard. Score the strip into 3 7-inch segments so you can fold it into a rectangular hoop. Leave a 1-inch section on each end to use as tabs for attaching the hoop to your backboard.

  • How do you make a basketball backboard?

  • Use a sharpie or marker to draw a net on the side of the hoop. Cut a piece of plywood to 72 in (180 cm) x 42 in (110 cm). Use clamps to securely attach a piece of plywood to a work bench or saw horses and measure out the regulation-size backboard. Mark the dimensions using a large ruler and a sharpie, then use a saw to cut the plywood.

  • Where can I buy a basketball hoop?

  • Most sports department stores will sell basketball hoops that come with the necessary screws and fittings. Make sure the hoop is 18 in (46 cm) in diameter. If you can’t find a premade hoop, then see if you can find a metal worker who can make you one.