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Practice doing drills with your dominant handto learn the fundamentals, but spend a part of each dribbling session dribbling with your weak hand, too. Try the same drills, going around chairs, walking and dribbling, then eventually running. Great ball players are just as good from both sides.

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  • How well do you teach the skill of basketball?

  • No matter how well you teach the skill, no matter how well they learn the skill, it鈥檚 all irrelevant if they don鈥檛 know when and why to use the skill during a game of basketball. We have to put the skill in game context. This involves adding a defender and demonstrating times during a game when the skill should be used.

  • How can young basketball players improve their skills?

  • There are many concrete steps that a young basketball player can take to improve their skills. From working on ball control to building endurance, improving your skills will elevate your game and put you in the best position to win the game.

  • How can I be a better basketball player?

  • If you want to be a better basketball player, practice your fundamentals. Good dribbling, shooting, and defensive skills are the best way to spend time becoming a good player.

  • How to start playing basketball for beginners?

  • It is, therefore, mandatory that you begin with the basic things like dribbling, passing and shooting. Basketball has a small number of drills designed to help you as a total beginner to easily learn the offensive and defensive principles. Knowing these drills will accelerate your learning curve for the hoops.