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How to keep a scorebook The main format of a scorebook is to haveplayer names on the left and space for their statistics to the right of each name. The top of the scorebook will contain a long list of numbers used for tallying running score.

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  • How do you keep a score in basketball?

  • Keep a running score if your scorebook has an easy format for that. In the Official NCAA Scorebook, there are numbers 1 through 136 displayed for this purpose. If player makes a basket to give his team 16 points for the game, draw a line through the 16 and put the player’s number under that.

  • How do you use a scorebook in basketball?

  • Basketball scorebooks allow you to keep a complete record of a game. Utilize them to keep statistics for your team, monitor game information for the coaching staff or serve the official scorer. Track field goals, free throws, personal fouls, technical fouls, timeouts and alternating possessions for held balls in these books.

  • Can a good scorekeeper save a game in basketball?

  • A good scorekeeper can save a game. Ironically it is not critical to keep track of the points by each player, however it is recommended that after each basket you mark 1,2 or 3 points next to the player鈥檚 name in the column of the quarter that the basket was scored. You will notice that Bobcats player #24 (Williams) scored 9 points in the game.

  • How do you write foul times on a basketball scorebook?

  • The official NCAA Scorebook features the numbers 1 2 3 4 5 to the left of the player’s name and a box under each numbers. Draw a line through the 1 for the first foul, a line through the 2 for the second foul and so forth. Write the time of each foul under the number, if there is space for it.