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One classic move for juking a defender is to dribble behind your back. This move requires serious practice,but it’s worth it – when done well,a behind the back move can leave a defender’s head spinning. Practice dribbling between your legs. Another classic ball-handling move is to dribble between your legs.

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  • How do you Juke in football?

  • Read the field as you run with the ball. Juking is a skill that’s usually used by people who have the football to avoid being tackled by defenders, so the first step to performing a good juke is to be aware of the defenders around you as make your way up the field.

  • How do you bounce the ball in basketball?

  • If your defender goes all over the right, then turn your weight and bounce the ball to your left hand in front of your defender, and go all the way to the basket!

  • How to dribble a basketball?

  • Learning Dribbling Basics Touch the ball with your fingertips, not your palm. When you dribble, you want your hands to make contact with the ball in such a way that you have good control over the ball and you don’t have to use much arm strength to keep the ball bouncing. Get in a low stance.

  • How do you do the step jump shot in basketball?

  • With the ball in your right hand, go where the defender is and dribble hard towards him or her. Stop with your left foot forward and planted. Change the ball of hand and bounce it once, making a 360-degree rotation with your left foot. Then bounce it back with your left hand, and finally go to score! Use the step jump shot.