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  • What is the basketball program like at the Air Force Academy?

  • A strong emphasis is placed on teamwork, skill development, and proper execution of the fundamentals of the game. Basketball players will be taught offensive and defensive schemes run by the U.S. Air Force Academy Basketball team, and will participate in a strategic, focused strength and conditioning program modeled after the Academy鈥檚 program.

  • How do I join AAU basketball?

  • How to Join AAU Each athlete who wishes to join an AAU basketball team MUST become an AAU member. Each team which wishes to participate in AAU MUST register as a club. AAU clubs can have as many teams under its umbrella as it desires as long as ALL teams in that club go by the same club name.

  • How do I join a service sports team?

  • Navy and Marine Corps personnel may participate on the team of the Service where the athlete is assigned. This must be coordinated through the respective Service Sports Offices. For Space Force personnel, please visit the Air Force Sports link to apply.

  • How do I apply to compete at Armed Forces Championships?

  • Service members interested in competing at Armed Forces Championships or as part of the U.S. Armed Forces Teams, you need to apply through your respective Service Sports Office.