how to install trampoline basketball hoop插图

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Select a post or pole that you want to hang the basketballhoopkit. Remove the eyebolt and bungee strap from the selected pole. Now insert the Jump-N-Dunk hoop in the pole in such a way that your basketballhoopfaces the trampoline center. Then reattach the eyebolt and strap to secure the hoop properly.

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  • Are trampoline basketball hoops adjustable?

  • This trampoline basketball hoop, net, and backboard promise a more adjustable design than similar products because it is specifically designed for universal fit. This basketball goal will adjust to easily attach to most straight, curved, or arched pole safety net enclosure systems. There is even a mounting option that adapts for crooked poles.

  • How do you attach a pole to a basketball hoop?

  • 5. Fit pole assembly into grounds, ensuring a full 16鈥?(40.5cm) engagement. Secure clamps around pole section. Refer to Step 4. Tighten completely to bolt down basketball hoop. Lower clamp covers over clamps and snaps into proper position.

  • Can You Move an in-ground basketball hoop?

  • A quality hoop can cost a lot of money, so if you want to move it sometime, you should ensure that you can easily do it. So before installing the pole, install the sleeve. This will also make the complete in-ground hoop installation way easier. What to do if the poles are not budging?

  • Can you shoot basketballs on a trampoline?

  • Shooting basketball goals while jumping on the trampoline is a fun challenge and can add interest to the outside activity. Jumping on the trampoline is a great workout on it own and having a trampoline with a basketball hoop is a good way to stretch the benefits from good to great.