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How do you build an outdoor basketball court? To build an outdoor court,you first need to level the area,then pour a base material like concrete or asphalt. Over this,you install surface materials,such as court tiles and hoops. What is the best flooring for a basketball court? For indoor courts,wood flooring is best.

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  • How do you install an outdoor basketball court kit?

  • Outdoor Basketball Court Kits are easy to install. Installation of these floor tiles typically includes: Clean your subfloor so that it is free of all dirt, dust, grease, or other foreign material. When installing the Sports-Loc tiles, we recommend starting in one corner of the room and working your way out from there.

  • Can you use outdoor tiles for basketball court?

  • Durable and UV resistant, these slip-resistant tiles can handle year-round weather without cracking or melting. These tiles are perfect for basketball courts, as well as court flooring for volleyball, tennis, pickleball, and much more. A 10-year warranty backs our Outdoor Sports Tiles.

  • Is it expensive to build an outdoor basketball court?

  • Building an outdoor basketball court is not a cheap project, but there are things you can do to bring down the cost of building in your space. The main way to cut costs is to do some or all of the construction on your own. The biggest portion of the concrete installation, for example, is the labor costs.

  • Can you use concrete as a basketball court?

  • You could also leave it as it is and use the concrete as your floor for your outdoor basketball court, but adding more flooring reduces stress that can come upon joints and eventually causes injuries. Paint the lines around the perimeter and then use a stencil to make the marking inside the court.