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  • What makes lifetime in-ground basketball hoops a good choice for your home?

  • What makes Lifetime in-ground basketball hoops a good choice for your home? Our in-ground basketball systems provide ultimate rigidity and take up less space than portable basketball systems.

  • How to install a basketball pole in the ground?

  • 鈥?First, we鈥檒l measure the basketball hoop frame to get a reliable estimate of the hole we鈥檙e digging 鈥?After we measured it, we鈥檒l dig a square hole for which parameters should be given in the instructions, but today we鈥檒l learn what dimensions you can use for any in-ground basketball pole 鈥?Next step leads us to set the ground anchor and prepa…

  • How do you install an in ground hoop system?

  • Hoop System Installation Part 2 of 2: In-Ground Hoop System (pole, backboard basket) installations require 3-5 strong labourers to assemble, using power tools and multiple ladders. You must have hoop anchor installed correctly at least 3 days prior.

  • Do in-ground basketball hoops need cement?

  • If you’re concerned about the permanence of an in-ground system, remember that while in-ground basketball hoops do require cement, they need not be permanent if you use a ground sleeve. A ground sleeve allows for later removal of the pole if necessary.