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Incorporating the following tips into your practice routine will help you improve your basketball shooting form:Hand positioning is key. Your grip on the ball plays a major role in your ability to shoot well. Your grip affects feel,spin,connection,and control through your release. …Find your shot pocket. The shot pocket is the area of the body where a basketball player holds the ball to begin their shot. …Pay attention to your lower body. Every good shot begins in the lower body. …Aim at a consistent spot on the rim. Before taking a shot,NBA champion Steph Curry focuses on the front of the rim and envisions the ball dropping in just …Properly align your shooting elbow and wrist. When shooting,the flight of the ball must follow a straight line with the correct backspin to enter the basket. …

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  • How can I improve my shooting accuracy in basketball?

  • In order to improve shooting accuracy in basketball, you must consistently shoot every day while constantly working on making sure you shoot with correct form. Your shooting must stimulate game shots which are high intensity and a degree of shooting difficulty.

  • How do players shoot in basketball?

  • Players shoot a variety of different shots in a game, depending on their roles in the offense: shooting off the dribble (one on one or off a ball screen); catch and shoot (when a teammate passes the ball to you); triple threat shots (mid range or 3 point line); and on the move (off a down screen, flare screen, etc.).

  • How do I become a good shooter in basketball?

  • The first step is to master the art of ball handling under pressure, keeping the ball safe from ball hawking defenders. Once you have mastered this, work on your shooting style. Once you are skilled at shooting too, you鈥檒l be unstoppable. Perfect thanks so much, it was a great help. I used it for my team tryouts

  • How can I improve my release in basketball?

  • Increase the height of your release point. Releasing your shot from a higher point will help you avoid blocks and improve your shooting range. To improve your release, start by lifting the ball up from the shot pocket as you straighten your legs. Once the ball is above your shoulders, straighten your shooting elbow.