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  • How do I get better at dribbling a basketball?

  • Learn to dribble. Do as much as you can starting out, you’ll need to start getting a feel for how the ball moves and responds to the force you put on it. It’s also a good idea to exercise with each hand by itself to get comfortable going to the right and to the left. Alternate bouncing it quite hard and quite softly.

  • How to improve ball handling skills in basketball?

  • Top 21 Basketball Dribbling Drills to Improve Ball Handling. 1. Continuous Crossover Dribble Drill. Squat down into an athletic/universal position with the basketball in one hand and your head up. With the … 2. Wall Touches Crossover Dribble Drill. 3. 3-Bounce Crossover Dribble Drill. 4. Double …

  • How to drive to the basket in basketball?

  • Therefore, the smart decision would be to do an easy step back and shoot, or find the open man. The key to really driving to the basket is quickness, if you can’t beat the guys to the spot, then your chances of scoring before getting blocked are diminished.

  • How can I improve my ability to move around the ball?

  • These drills can help you develop better control of the ball, which may enable you to move around opponents quickly and effectively. Work on one or more of the following drills each day: Ball slaps: Hold the ball in one hand and slap it with the other. Then switch hands.