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Watching basketball games

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  • How do you know if you have a high IQ basketball?

  • Holding the Ball for a Last-Second Shot Smart clock management is a clear sign of a player with a high basketball IQ. The most obvious example of this is when a player keeps possession of the basketball while the clock winds down, and then takes a shot with only a few seconds left.

  • Can you increase your basketball IQ and become a coach?

  • Sure, some are superior in skill, but the biggest difference comes from the players who truly understand the game and those who don鈥檛. Here are a few ways to increase your Basketball IQ and become the coach on the floor. Just as any subject in school or profession in the workplace, to be good you have to study.

  • What is basketball intelligence and why is it important?

  • Like a Grandmaster in chess, it鈥檚 the players who are able to think 3 or 4 moves ahead of the other players on the floor who excel and separate themselves from the competition. Which is why improving basketball intelligence is a requirement for any player who has intentions of stepping on the floor to compete in the best leagues around the world.

  • What skills do you need to be a good basketball player?

  • This requires deep knowledge of the game and a sharp eye for detail. The player who is consistently able to slide across the key just in time to plant their feet and draw or charge, or the player who is consistently in position to grab offensive rebounds.